Now you can Name a Star, and we'll show you how...”

There are trillions of unnamed stars in the vast universe, millions of stars that have been named and untold billions that have not.




Give a gift. Name a Star. There is a star in a distant galaxy waiting to be named. Perhaps with your name or maybe the name of a child or loved one. What a splendid gift idea! A star is truly born when it receives it's name.


The International Star Naming Authority, publisher of "The Star Almanac" is opening its archives right here, right now in for new entries, and that priceless opportunity can be yours.


Upon completion of the naming application process, your star's new astronomical name, galactic location and other scientific data will be permanently entered into our official name archive both here online and in our official book, The Star Almanac.

Your personalized certificate will be available for online viewing at this site for all to see and admire. Plus you will be able to proudly display your suitable for framing, certificate of registration issued by the naming authority.



Here's the best part: Your one-of-a-kind certificate is delivered as a high resolution .jpg image that you may print on your own photo printer at home.Click to Enlarge

Fast Turnaround: Your star naming application is usually processed within 24-48 hours of receipt. It is then available online, right here, to be viewed, printed or gifted.


The certificate comes complete with the seal from the Star Naming Authority to authenticate your naming rights. Truly a gift for the ages.


Star Naming Gift Occasions


Memorial Star Naming Gift

Naming a Star makes a great Gift!Imagine the surprise on their face when they open the gift that shows you really care. What wouldn't be the perfect star naming occasion?


Of course there are birthdays and Christmas. But naming a star can be for so much more!


When a child is born, a star is named. Could there be a more fitting gift of a new life?


Let's not forget anniversaries and weddings, either. A new life together and a star is re-born. Graduations are a natural too. We haven't even touched fund-raising events.

Memorial Star Naming Gift IdeaPerhaps no star name is as precious as one named for a loved one departed. Honor that memory by naming a special star in memoriam. A star named in memory glistens in the night sky and throughout eternity. Such a touching reminder. Such a fitting tribute.


Whenever you gaze upon the night sky, you will know that somewhere out there a star shines just a little brighter because of your thoughtfulness.


Let us prepare your memorial star naming with the dignity and respect it deserves.